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7 - 10 September 2017, Vancouver


Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia. Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest and most densely populated cities. It boasts stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The city has access to an array of outdoor pursuits and also boasts thriving arts, music and museum scenes. There is never a shortage of activities to do in Vancouver; we have listed our favourites below. 

Stanley Park


Stanley Park is a 405-hectare public park that borders the downtown of Vancouver. Explore the natural West Coast rainforest and enjoy scenic views of water, mountains, sky, and majestic trees along Stanley Park's famous Seawall. Discover kilometres of trails, beautiful beaches, local wildlife, great eats, natural, cultural and historical landmarks, along with many other adventures. The park offers a wide range of unforgettable experiences for all ages and interests, including Canada’s largest aquarium. 

Whale Watching


From March to October each year, thousands of whales migrate through the waters near Vancouver, making it one of the world’s best locations for whale watching. The floating classrooms serve as a premium platform for provoking thought & educating guests who are naturally curious about killer whales & the other wild creatures that call the Salish Sea home.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park


Appreciate nature from three breathtaking perspectives - Capilano Suspension Bridge, Treetops Adventure cliffwalks. Capilano Suspension Bridge crosses to towering evergreens, cedar-scented rainforest air and Treetops Adventure, 7 suspended footbridges offering views 110 feet above the forest floor. The new Cliffwalk follows a granite precipice along Capilano River with a labyrinth-like series of narrow cantilevered bridges, stairs and platforms and only 16 anchor points in the cliff supporting the structure!

Robson Street


Robson Street is a must-stroll for most visitors to Vancouver. One of Vancouver’s oldest commercial streets, it was once known as Robsonstrasse for the sheer number of German and European stores that opened up after the Second World War. The international character of the street still exist and is a perfect location for shopping, dining and soaking up the bustling atmosphere.

Museum of Anthropology


Just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver and the Vancouver International Airport, the Museum of Anthropology at UBC houses one of the world’s finest displays of Northwest Coast First Nations arts in a spectacular Arthur Erickson designed building overlooking mountains and sea. See magnificent carvings, weavings and contemporary artworks inside the soaring glass and concrete structure of the Museum’s Great Hall. Admire the world’s largest collection of works by acclaimed Haida artist Bill Reid, including his famous cedar sculpture The Raven and the First Men. Explore the Museum’s Multiversity Galleries where more than 16,000 objects from around the world are displayed.

Fly Over Canada


FlyOver Canada is an amazing virtual flight ride in which you will “take off” into a huge domed screen to enjoy a breathtaking flight across Canada’s most spectacular sights. You will be seated in a suspended chair, with your feet dangling, in front of an impressive 4-storey spherical screen. The special effects including wind, mist, and scents, combined with the chair’s motion, will make you feel like you’re truly soaring. Located at the Port of Vancouver. the complete FlyOver Canada experience lasts approximately 25 minutes and is the ideal way to see all the sights of Vancouver if you are limited for time! 


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